Sustainable Technologies

Fresh surface water mostly is contaminated by diarrhoeal pathogens. This vast source of water can be rendered safe for ‘point of use’ drinking application using our low cost solar water Pasteurisation device, ‘LifeRoll.’ Collected rainwater can also be Pasteurised to make it safe for drinking. LifeRoll is made of polythene sheets following our innovative design. When not in use, the device can be deflated and rolled into a small package for easy storage and transportation. It can also be part of a disaster kit or can be air-dropped in disaster areas to save lives, hence the name, ‘LifeRoll’. Traditional low cost filters do not effectively remove harmful diarrhoeal pathogens. No existing device at such a low cost offer facilities ...

The current invention concerns recycling. The concept is simple. Take an item out of the garbage and turn it into something useful- something people will eat from. This is accomplished by cutting a glass bottle in two. By cutting a bottle in two you create a drinking glass (or a caddy) and a funnel. There is nothing novel about cutting a bottle in two. It is more problematic as glass is a brittle material that is difficult to work with. The material can be cut by diamond grinding, - using a form cut off wheel on a lathe ( employing the concept of diminishing progressive cutting utilized in my previous patent #5,516,242). Additionally,the glass may be faced with the ...

“Motor oil does not wear out, lose its lubricating properties or change viscosity as long as it is kept free of impurities” -The U.S. Bureau of Standards.

The Clean Engine, Inc. Oil Filtration System (OFS) is an aftermarket, heavy-duty by-pass oil filter for diesel engine lubricating oil or hydraulic oil systems. Our OFS increases fleet or individual equipment productivity and engine life-cycle for material handling, transport equipment/vehicles or trucks and any other heavy equipment. These benefits are achieved by the OFS continually providing a higher degree of cleaned oil into the engine sump, or by removing particles and moisture from hydraulic fluid systems (as verified by oil analysis), significantly extending the engine lubricating or hydraulic system oil change ...

This is a small, weather-proof electronic module covered by solar cells. Mounted on a surface or on a stake, it monitors the solar energy available over a long period of time to see if it’s practical to build a larger solar energy system in that location.

For some locations where solar power construction is proposed, such as open fields or unobstructed roofs in largely cloudless regions, simple analysis of sun angles through a season can give useful results for solar flux.

But there are many areas where shadowing objects and vegetation, uneven landscape, or irregular weather patterns make this more difficult, and this system is intended to fill that information gap.

The individual module is powered by a combination of its solar ...

Renewable energy challenge
(From solar thermal energy to electrical energy)

This challenge is an individual idea to use 100% sustainable energy source to provide 100 % renewable energy.

This idea is based on the use of the solar heating system consisting of thermal heat collectors of a certain area that can provide adequate thermal energy to produce a pressurized steam, that in turn will press over the water surface confined in a pressure vessel to pump it up to a higher level tank, giving the the water an increase in its potential energy, that will be restored when the water will be released downward by gravity in a form of kinetic ...

Today we have ultra modern toilets but for flushing we still use water even if we go for urine at least for urine purpose we human waste 1 to 5 litre whether we are in public toilet or home. My method is simple instead water we can use sand as this sand can be recyclable by heating the sand or decomposing method.

HOW IT'S WORKS:- Suppose we go to public toilet what we do first flush water than we urine it & than again we flush it so we waste water. But in my concept instead of water we use SAND.

Suppose we go to toilet what you will see in closet sand do urine on ...

If we fix a compressed spring or air filled balloon in awkward shapes at the end of a lever bar long enough to multiply any minute unbalanced force and capable of rotation about an axis at the other end and hold the lever bar perfectly parallel to the horizontal the bar exhibits unidirectional motion not explained by ideomotor effect and the direction of motion can be predetermined by control study. The cause here is that energy keeps moving in the time dimension to an imaginary position in space and manifests as motion.

Again if a body say a toy car slides down an inclined plane with angle of inclination less than 45° the downward and forward motion of ...


The nature of Gas Flaring processes have created a severe impact on man and the environment. Massive environmental degradation as a result of flaring activities has led to fluctuations in climate as well as depletion of the vegetation cover through acid rain. Findings have been made on some harmful gases released into the atmosphere that have effects on the environment and also on man. In order to control these effects by ensuring a clean atmosphere and environment, a new flaring model (DanMat flaring model) has been suggested.

The model uses smoldering mechanism and insulation method to reduce the amount of heat (about 1500 degrees Celsius ) released into the atmosphere during conventional flaring by 100%. It also ...

Farms provides foods for cities.
Cities are becoming ugly conglomerate of people and concrete.
My proposal is to integrate cities and farms to have local food, more work and a liveable city.

Currently, we have crowded cities and far away farms.
Irrigation technology permits food production in a variety of climate conditions. The best optimization form of irrigation are Circles.

Implementing more than two irrigation circles will leave Triangles between them.
These triangles will be used for Housing and Transportation.

A Circle and its adjacent Triangles forms an Hexagons.
Hexagons are modular forms that can be connected and expanded as ...

The Concept of the System [Photo 1] is to orientate a solar collector and a Polyhedral Structure [Photo 2] to face the Sun with “Azimuthal” tracking of 270 deg and “ Altitudinal” 90 deg. *

The concept is based on the idea of combining a signal indicating the direction of the sun rays, within one solid angle of “quarter hemisphere” [ sensors fixed on ground], with a signal indicating, similarly quarterly, the relative angular displacement (or error) between the sun rays’ direction and the tracker’s orientation Azimuthally” [sensors rotating about vertical axis, with systems “Azimuthal” tracking and similarly for the Altitudinal]. Sensors’ signals are filtered by, specially designed,“Differential Light Amplifiers” **

The Polyhedral [non-regular Icosahedron] triangular faces ...

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