Entrant Profile

Nandagopalan Chidambaram

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

Company: Mahindra&Mahindra Ltd

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: Fuel consumption of a vehicle plays a key role in preserving environment and one of the most powerful influencer in purchasing decisions.

“It's not a faith in technology, It's faith in people” - Steve Jobs

At the end of the day, how technology has been used leads to success of the product rather the technology alone. It stands true for cars as well. Despite offering state of the art technologies in the car, fuel consumption greatly depends on how the car is driven.

Studies by Petroleum Conservation and Research Association (PCRA) indicate fuel can be conserved in the range of 20~30% by adapting better driving.

Customer surveys indicate drivers are not aware and do not reflect on their driving style which helps to significantly improve the fuel economy. This provided us an opportunity to continuously monitor the driving behavior and visually present the driving pattern to the user to make him/her understand the driving style and its relationship with fuel economy.

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