Entrant Profile

Bilal Al Refaie

Location: Irbid, Irbid Jordan

Company: clean energy

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Favorite design and analysis tools: Renewable Energy a patent
Aviation (Performance Engine)
Automobile (Reducing fuel consumption)
Trnsys Programme

Hobbies and activities: manufacturing, innovation and repair Equipment

Online communities: Edrak, Future learn, edx, coursera, ASME

Inspired by: Design of Aircraft Engine
1- reducing the pollution for atmospheric by inhibiting the action of NOx in the atmospheric.
2-reducing the fuel consumption in the turbofan engine for aircraft by using Oxyhydrogen HHO gas, its extraction from water through electric cell extraction Oxyhydrogen HHO gas from water.
design combustion chambers for mixing the fuel with Oxyhydrogen HHO gas combustion in the turbofan engine.