Entrant Profile

Sachin Vats

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana India

Company: Student

Profession: Student

Inspired by: Albert Einstein said, It has become appallingly obvious thst our techology has exceeded our humanity.
And this technology is the only way to filter out these problems in our day today to day life and tackle the innovatively.
Quantitatively Indian roads stands good statistics but qualitatively it need proper addressing because of increasing accidents due to poor condition of roads.

Our idea and project deal with the problems like pothole, pollution, low light intensity etc.
and provides the combined data.
Which is very convenient to use this this data instead of doing this work manually or wait foe some mishap to happen.

catch the problems and look into it somewhere inside you will get the solution definitely.

2017 Entries

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06/30 Detect and Direct Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT 1799 8