Entrant Profile

Elizabeth Benson

Location: Melbourne, Florida United States

Company: B&G Educational Innovations

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Inspired by: It’s simple really - we care about people.
We’re nurses. We’re educators. We helped shape the paradigm in education as technology was integrated. But over time, we’ve seen the natural attraction to the speed and efficiency technology provides overshadow the equally important human communication.
In training, as well as in practice, effective interpersonal communication should be an equal partner with the latest technologies to provide the best treatment and care.
A look, a tone of voice, a facial expression, a touch - all can communicate competence and caring. Interpersonal communication is critical to establishing the trust necessary between the provider and recipient of care in the healthcare environment.

We are committed to improving provider-patient outcomes by re-introducing interpersonal communication into the competency measurement. Our cost effective, reusable healthcare education simulation devices will change the landscape.


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