1.Project Description:

Tamarind fruit pulp is a sour fruit that has medicinal properties and specially it acts as a medicine to reduce high blood pressure. In general if high concentrated tamarind juice is drunk by a high blood pressure person then his/her blood pressure suddenly comes to normal or near normal. So I decided to make packet juice in cheap whose main constituent will be tamarind juice with preservatives and other little ingredients. This juice will be available in pharmacies and on summer days it will be favorite for high blood pressure patients and this juice will act as a high blood pressure medicine by replacing common drugs against high blood pressure.

On cold days ...

If we fix a compressed spring or airfilled balloon in awkward shapes at the end of a lever bar long enough to multiply the minute unbalanced force and capable of rotation about an axis at the other end and then hold the bar with it's long axis perfectly horizontal to the ground the bar exhibits unidirectional motion not explained by ideomotor effect and the direction of motion can be predetermined by control study.The cause is that energy,frequency or consciousness keep moving in the time dimension to an imaginary position in space and manifests as motion.

When a body say a toy car slides down an inclined plane with angle of inclination less than 45°the downward and forward motion ...

Features of design:
It requires small space.
Provide protection from animals, insects etc.
Low cooling load.
Fast and efficient response.
Other smartphone enabled features can be added.
Customized music system.
Virtual reality screen in cabin sheet.

Description of design:
Bed with cabin or closed compartment.
Construction of Cabin required transparent sheet or translucent material etc. as per need.
Cabin gives facility to open or close it with help of curved door or windows.

Also, As we know that amount of heat added or removed by an Air conditioning unit directly depends on the quantity of heat reduction & generation in that space respectively. In other words, extra stuff in surrounding is responsible for increase in load consumption and electricity ...

Ailtrine is a combination of ailment and latrine i.e a toilet with the ability to check your health condition. This super toilet has the ability to check your temperature, excrement, and weight. This has the capacity to save a lot of lives with more research the Ailtrine will be able to detect early signs of cancer (specific types). Ailtrine also helps in weight loss activities and dietary programs. This is a basic affordable Toilet with upgrades for high end users. It can be powered by solar or electricity.

Weight - The Toilet seat has a in built thermometer and scale which measures the weight distribution of your torso while sitting down. Rapid weight loss is often missed by individuals who ...

The present proposal addresses the following problems specific to developing/underdeveloped countries like India with a large population of illiterate/semi-literate geriatric patients.

The system envisions a patient friendly medicine packaging system, especially catering to geriatric patients who need regular medicines in take in large numbers throughout the day. Some medicines have requirements that they need to be consumed before or after food intake.

1. Difficult to understand prescriptions
2. Illiterate/semi-literate population
3. Danger of expired /unnamed medicines due to medicines being cut out of strips
5. Medicine requirements during travel
6. Inability to read/understand small prints on the package including name, date of manufacture / expire/ contradictions
7. Failing memory and sight ...

Our objective is to reduce morbidity in Obesity and Sleep Apnea with a new therapeutic wearable device.

We are developing two safe and well known technologies but in a same device. For the first time ever, we are using an already patented wearable device with pulseoximetry and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

It has the great and unique advantage that it makes the wearer react by himself. We are changing the way we monitor patients, both as in and out patients. It is easy to use cause is a wearable. You can use wherever you go.

The obese patient will use our wearable while sleeping or after surgery or at flight, when he or she is under a critical situation, such ...

Problem: Microvascular anastomosis is the surgical coaptation of small (sub-centimeter) veins and arteries with the aid of loupe or microscope magnification. Microvascular anastomosis of veins is readily accomplished using a microanastomotic coupling device (Synovis GEM Coupler) which reduces complication rates, improves patency rates, and substantially reduces the time necessary to complete the coaptation compared to manual suturing. Arterial microvascular anastomoses, however, are currently accomplished with standard manual suturing techniques because the thick, muscular wall of the arteries precludes use of the microanastomotic coupler; the thick wall of the artery prevents them from being stretched over the rings of a coupler. As a result, arterial microanastomoses performed by manual suturing takes ~25 minutes in the operating room, versus ~5 minutes ...

This device will replace the need for dialysis and kidney transplantation both of which have major detractions. Our device eliminates these issues. Transplantation, costing close to $110,000, removes the personnel and institutional costs associated with dialysis. Yet, it has significant fixed costs for anti-rejection drugs, approaching $20,000/year if all goes well and greater than $82,000/year if rejection sets in. There are also variable costs associated with increased rates of infection and cancer from the immunosuppressives. The cost for non compliance with these medications approaches that of re-transplantation. This device eliminates the need for anti-rejection drugs as there are no biological constituents to cause rejection. The device is implantable, has no moving parts, no filters to replace, no inlet/outlet fluids ...

People are bedridden temporary or permanently for many causes. At this time leaving of excreta and urine is vary suffering work to his/her family or nurse maid. At hospital it is displeasure for another person. To avoid this, I have think an idea, of bed with bio-toilet.

For this system, bed to be make folding system at leg side and one feet to 1.5feet from end of leg side to be make empty (sheet less). This gap is need for standing of person before toilet. By keeping gap for man’s standing; next two feet to be folding system. At this position commode of toilet to be fitted. Water reserve tank of commode to be fitted at wall ...

The main aim of developing this device is to provide drug free therapy for insomnia without any side effects and in cost effective manner.

1. To develop a device to generate sleep inducing stimuli such as audio, visual and acupressure.
2. To provide audio-visual and acupressure (AVT) stimuli to insomniac patients to sleep before.
3. Validation using Polysomnographic study.

Insomnia is condition with difficulty initiating sleep difficulty in maintaining sleep, characterized by frequent awakenings or problems returning to sleep after awakenings. It may result in an increased risk of motor vehicle collisions, as well as problems focusing and learning. Existing methods to treat insomnia are sleep hygiene, cognitive behavioral therapy and sleeping pills, that has ...

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