Entrant Profile

Charles Vijay Varghese

Location: Ernakulam, Kerala India

Company: NAVA Design & Innovation Ltd

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: Hope you all heard about Neera –-- the delicious and nutritious energy drink tapped from the Coconut trees.
The same Neera will turn to Coco Sugar when it is boiled.
But, to the surprise of all, the coconut farming sector is on the verge of dying in those places, where it was booming earlier
One and only reason –---- unavailability of skilled tappers to climb and tap the Neera
Hello, I am Charles Vijay and this problem was tinkering my mind for the last 10 years and finding a solution has become my passion and obsession
Finally, last year I left my job to pursue the call of my heart. I have started building on the idea to replace the tappers climbing the tree with an innovative electro-mechanical device
A tapper has to climb one coconut tree at 3 times a day for a period of 3 months during the productive life of a single inflorescence –--- resulting 270 times of climbing
It is possible to replace these 270 times of climbing with a single climbing through the installation of this electro mechanical device for Neera extraction and vacuum enabled evacuation
Currently I have reached final stage of Proto building and trials are being conducted successfully.
I am sure that the successful launch of this product will witness the rejuvenation and rebuilding of an agriculture sector which is facing extinction. No doubt, this would beneficially impact the lives of millions of farmers and economies of many societies and regions

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