We know that tropical cyclone are created from warming of a large area of ocean and for this reason, moist air over the ocean rises upward from near the surface. Because this air moves up and away from the surface (this is called low air pressure),

ATOM-1.0 Humanoid Robot Vision.

It is important in today’s modern age of technology to have pioneers push forward to reach greater achievements. The pioneer must have a vision, determination and not be easily discouraged by lack of project funding or criticism.

Technology description: The aim of the augmented associate is to provide an inexpensive, non-intrusive confirmation of task success to assembly associates. It comprises a wearable sensor system that collects and measures multiple sensors (i.e. sound, movement, force) and through sensor-fusion,

270 times of climbing by a tapper reduced to two climbs- to install the device and remove 90 days later. Productivity multiplies by minimum 18-fold.

Tapping neera/toddy from the coconut trees are doing manually in every coconut cultivating country.

The focus here is the construction of a human free device (Robot) to operate on various surgical platforms so as to eliminate human errors, save time, reduce the chances of failures etc. and provide a leakage-free surgery to the patients.

The proposed system is to save life from the bore wells. Small children without noticing the hole dug for the bore well slip in and get trapped. Since the holes are dug too deep it is quite impossible to save life.

Connectors with wire sealing were developed for use in applications where waterproof protection and rugged construction are required. Waterproof protection is achieved by means of a wire seal which is inserted onto the wire and crimped simultaneously with the insulation support of the contact.

Biomimetic hands are products which involve a sync between the action of natural fingers with the artificial fingers. In this project they are used in measuring the dimensions of objects for cognition and manipulation possibilities. The methodology involved in this project is the use of NiTi springs (SMA,

Our mission is to revolutionize manufacturing across industries with our innovative technology for additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, of metals. This patented process is unique and differs from others because there is no melting of the metal. Because it can be scaled to manufacture very large parts,

The working of the machine will start as hand lever is cranked to impart the motion to the bevel gear arrangement. The bevel gear arrangement tends to rotate the base plate which remains supported by a roller ball bearing.

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