Entrant Profile

Luca D'alessandro

Location: Milano, Milan Italy

Company: Phononic Vibes

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: Coming from the university, being researchers that want to become entrepreneurs, the path could be long and difficult. Moreover, in the university we are used to long term projects, with no clear goal at the end.
Well, this first period of activity full time on the project Phononic Vibes has revolutionized our lives: the power inflow mostly comes from the industrial environment which we connected with, both from client and partner perspectives, that asks for short timing to reach the goals.
This means for us that we must keep running or fail. Both of them FAST.
Create The Future Design Contest will be for us a platform to make the project growing fast and turning a technology coming from research in university into products, which help to solve problems.
The design has been inspired from the application of metamaterials in photonics, which allow to achieve amazing properties that cannot be naturally found in nature. The same concepts, applied into mechanics, has led to this research and technology.

2018 Entries

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07/02 Phononic Vibes Sustainable Technologies 2737 1