Sustainable Technologies

Fuel cells that directly convert chemical energy into electricity meet the demands for the clean energy industry of the future, primary owing to their striking advantages of the high-energy conversion efficiency that is not limited by the Carnot cycle, low/zero emission, and reliable and simple structure. Currently, a barrier that limits the development of the conventional cation-exchange membrane direct liquid fuel cells (CEM-DLFCs) is that the CEM-DLFCs need additional base to offer both alkaline environment and charge carrier. We develop a Na+-conducting direct formate fuel cell (Na-DFFC) that is operated in the absence of added base shown in Figure 1. The Na-DFFC consists of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA), which is composed sequentially of an anode electrode, an ion ...

ADDS (At Depth DeSalinization)

Placing the salt water reverse osmosis (swro) collector on the sea floor, at depths of 1,500 to 2,000’ seems to have some distinct advantages over onshore installations.
-energy efficient since only processed water is pumped, reducing energy consumption. Gravity provides the water pressure necessary to run the reverse osmosis process.
-throughput is maximized since as many standard units as needed can be economically installed.
-intake currents are not created so no sea life is harmed.
-no prefilter is required.
-biofouling is minimized since the environment is not conducive to bacteria or plant growth.
-the units are offshore so prime real estate is not impacted.
-no brine exhaust is produced so no remediation is required.

The proposed model represents an innovative idea to curb the harmful effects of the ever increasing pollution problems. The high volatility of petrol results in exhaustive as well as refueling emissions which are both equally responsible in contributing to the increasing pollution levels. The given system aims at reducing the refueling emissions of two-wheelers which occur during the filling of petrol at petrol stations.

The system consists of two major components:
1. A neoprene cap
2. Aluminium canisters (4) which house activated charcoal.

The cap has five openings on the upper surface- one for accommodating the petrol nozzle and the other four for securing the canisters. The cap is made up of neoprene mainly due to its high conformity, ...

Recycling environmental waste can avoid many hazardous environmental scenarios and save our resources. Our aerogel technology can recycle various environmental wastes to high-value engineering materials. Common paper, fabric and plastic wastes are selected to develop the lightest aerogel materials for novel applications such as oil-spill cleaning, heat and sound insulation, winter garment materials, packaging, CO2 filtering, personal care and medical products.

Using an cost-effective and green sol gel technique with no toxic solvents and cross-linkers, recycled fibres from the wastes are converted into ultralight porous, biodegradable and non-toxic aerogels. Our method uses 70% less energy and results in reduced polluting emissions into the air and water. It is also faster as the entire process takes only 8 hrs to ...

One of mankind’s most recent and important daily requirements, electricity, comes from exhaustible and non-renewable sources of energy like nuclear energy, natural gas, fossil fuels, petroleum products, etc. To cater to this problem, among other problems, an innovative method of hybrid energy generation has been developed.

The design and experimental analysis of the hybrid power generating structure, the Aerostat, is presented in this work. The hybrid power generator consists of solar as well as wind power generation. With 90% of global power generation dominated by consumption of conventional resources, this work throws some light on renewable energy generation. In operation, the Aerostat consists of a set of turbines and photovoltaic cells. With increase in altitude, there is increase in ...

In highly agricultural areas where fertilizers are commonly used to support growth of plants there is also a problem with the fact that not all the fertilizer could be absorbed by treated plants. Because of rain or other weather related effects fertilizer gets access to rivers. Then it starts to be very concentrated when a river flows into lakes. In result condensation of manure is so big. Because of that it allows to grow unwanted algae. The effect of growth of these plants is very harmful for ecosystems of lakes and it affects significantly the quality of water.

Concept solution
I would like to propose the following idea that reduces the effect of unwanted growth of algae. In order ...

Abstract - A system for generating mechanical and or electric power using low grade thermal or electro-magnetic energy reservoirs, such as air, water and incident light to fuel the power generation cycle. The system performs in a manner similar to a refrigeration cycle.But the system differs from a refrigeration cycle because the system extracts the thermal energy absorbed from the reservoir and energy of compression using the turbine/motor. Greater than 105% of the energy for compression will be available for the system when the appropriate system geometrics are ...

Closed loop system for recovering ammonia from wastewater

NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) seeks to license its Ammonia Recover System for Wastewater to industry. The Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater was developed for potential use as part of the Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSSs) on the International Space Station. The system uses an affordable media that is highly selective for ammonia. Ammonia concentrations in wastewater as high as 100,000 ppm can be reduced to less than 1 ppm. Following treatment, the media is regenerated for reuse in the system and ammonia is captured as a by-product.

ECLSS conditions require low power usage and the avoidance of high temperature and pressure operations. State-of-the-art for ammonia removal techniques involve ...

Anti fouling bio-paint was developed as an alternative to tin-based antifouling paints to protect against the harshest marine environments and provide eco-friendly protection of the environement. This paint is based on polyphenol compounds, which reduce frictional resistance of the applied surface. This coating process is made at room temperature, without primer application rendering a polished copper looking ...

My design is for zero gravity environment for tackling situation by astronauts boots. Boots design has three different levels of attraction with surface of iron spaceship. Design from upper side top is suggest partially attraction in surface that not mean to walk or move freely. Second, boot has two magnetic stripes parallel attach in sole but reason behind that is to stability and balance of astronaut is become 50 percent more than first design as shown And third design of boot shows full control on surface in zero gravity for balance, stability and enabling astronauts to move ...

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