Entrant Profile

Furaha Bryant

Location: Broomfield, Colorado United States

Company: inioneUNIversity

Profession: Innovative Full-time Inventor Researcher (IF IR.. then;-)

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: ¡Pencil✏Mind🧠Pondering🕳Growth🌱IA™️am: Intelligence Amplification increases amplify-cation inspired data-building gaps in scientific Ai research|tools yet patented.

Hobbies and activities: St/Dreaming Genesis/tiConsciousness,Meditate🧘‍♀️

Inspired by: I am a polymath & i struggle to be around people/souls living themselves less than Light/💡c²🪔/God sees them. It's stuff hid is tough. But I'm ready in fact of act to be public but in my way as he did it his sway! Please give me a chance and be my patron to change single use mind physics and plastics, soul lieu shuns, farming global literacy, water/food heir💍abundance, plus much more inspires me to share my brokenness | brilliance with all love♡humanity. TYPE ONE🌎SPECIES is . . . cornerS...R I g h t ⚙around📐decade(s?)🪜away...you/we choose✌☮!

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