Entrant Profile

Kian Jon Ernest Chua

Location: Singapore, Singapore Singapore

Company: National University of Singapo

Profession: Scientist

Favorite design and analysis tools: Comsol, Ansys, Fluent

Hobbies and activities: Swimming and Meditation

Online communities: Institute of Engineering Singapore

Inspired by: Present day air conditioning (AC) technology, invented in 1902, face a number of key challenges particularly environmental related issues. Firstly, they consume huge amounts of energy; secondly, they cause significant environmental detriment due to the use of chemical refrigerants; and lastly, to cool a desired location, they dissipate large amounts of heat to the environment; creating undesirable heat zones. Reviewing these challenges, I was inspired to develop the next generation of inexpensive air conditioners that highly energy-savings, do not use chemical-refrigerants and capable of providing cool and dry air to any desired location without dissipating heat to the environment – creating undesirable heat zones. My AC design employs the de-coupling membrane air dehumidification and dew-point water-based cooling concept to provide cool and dry air. . It is able to double up as a water harvester to harvest water from humid air for countries experiencing water shortage.