Sustainable Technologies

The issue with lithium ion batteries is that in each one there is enough electrical energy to create a spark, and they are filled with a flammable electrolyte. The only thing preventing the spark is a thin plastic separator, sometimes less than 10 microns thick.

This solution is based on a strategy and an invention. Earth has its own system to balance its temperature. Human activity distrupts this balance. Earth reduces its temperature by ice poles as a natural cooling system.

1) As already described in 2017 and 2018 entry a body sliding on an inclined plane can be supported by a thread or support perfectly parallel to the horizontal.

Absolute, unlimited power generation.

Under the laws of physics, to produce electricity, a magnetic field must be inserted into the wire box.

Movement of the paddle in the vacuum does not stop because it does not have air resistance.

A Smart Hydroponic food module that monitors, grows and takes care of your plants. Our Vision is to foster behavior change among urban households towards farm produce and drive hyper-local urban production. We make farming so much simple and easy that now anybody can grow their own food.

We have developed an integrated air quality monitoring UAS which also has collision avoidance technique to avoid collision with real time obstacles while monitoring. We have used an ultrasonic sensor for collision avoidance and mq135 for air quality sensing.

The global economy thrives on energy. Affordable energy directly contributes to increase productivity, reducing poverty and improving betterment of life. The global population is increasing day by day, which, in a way is leading to the utilization of natural resources and fossil fuels.

Securing the examination paper is very difficult for many counties which do not use electronic examination. This is because there are too many places that the exam will have the risk of being stolen.

This project is about building a new mechanism that can sort live aquatic animals in dams from intake canal without imposing any health risk on the animals and with lower operational cost than existing fish screen configuration to prevent them from damaging the power plant and themselves.

What happens when an astronaut gets sick? Current missions require that astronauts take medications with them from Earth. But many medications degrade over time, especially protein drugs, and the necessary stockpile takes up precious mass and volume on a spacecraft.

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