Entrant Profile

Luis M Bordallo

Location: Madrid, Spain

Company: NF Advanced Engineering

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: Almost fifty years ago man went to the moon, for more than six years the unmanned vehicle Curiosity has been driving around on Mars surface, but here on earth our forest still burnt away at night, or the pilots of drugs plantation fumigation go on performing a very risky work, only because we have not been able to integrate already existing technologies.

We are using techniques, and procedures developed more than 70 years ago in a very risky, very low altitude, only daytime operation and every day it is clearer that these methods are insufficient to combat the devastating fires that, due to climate change, are devastating the worldwide forests as well as the increase in heroin and cocaine production around the world.

If we compare it to all other sectors of aviation where the innovations have been really significant during the last seventy years, paradoxically in the sector of aerial fire fighting and drugs plantations fumigation no modern aeronautic technologies have been implemented up to now.

Given the seriousness of the problem it is of the utmost importance that the aerial forest fires fighting is H-24, non-stop fighting so the great lack of forest fire fighting aerial means is the night operation capability and its development is where must concentrate the efforts of the responsible agencies as well as of the operators and aeronautical companies.

The big fires, the destructive ones are those that last one-day, one-night and at next morning are out of control, we firmly believe that the priority should be to develop the first night aerial forest fire fighting operational capability and this is the NitroFirex´s main objective