Entrant Profile

Laurent Dufermont

Location: Lliria, Valencia Spain

Company: Grupo DALOAN S.L.U

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: Community engagement
At Excel Shower, we have always been fully aware of the need for flexibility and adaptability if we are to optimise the benefits of our product within the community, as the HSC shower needs to fit within the confined space of the average bathroom. Our patented design has enabled us to achieve this goal, while ensuring that the user has ample room for maximum comfort while in the shower. We have taken care not to compromise on the design of the shower, and the finished product is attractive and modern, in order to increase the appeal across all sections of society, from private homes to hospital, nursing homes to hotels.

Increasing the independence of elderly people enables them to enjoy a greater quality of life, as they are able to integrate and feel like part of the community. HSC shower cubicles in certain rooms in hotels or even cruise ships would allow the elderly greater freedom to travel and increase well-being.

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