Entrant Profile

Brian Goodman

Location: Coeur D Alene, Idaho United States

Company: 1983

Profession: Hobbyist

Number of times previously entering contest: 1

Favorite design and analysis tools: My interest in designing my ideas is newly acquired and so far my experience has been limited to a single drafting program due to a limited budget.

Hobbies and activities: Listening to music, games and puzzles

Online communities: None

Inspired by: My project was inspired by my personal interest in engines, magnets, concepts, and puzzles. My personal inspiration comes from how I see the world's power production problem and how I feel the problem can be resolved, plus the ability to supply an electrical surplus worldwide.

2021 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
04/22 Ferromagnetic Field Engine Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy 498 2

2019 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
05/09 Diamagnetic Field Engine Sustainable Technologies 1248 1