Entrant Profile

Brian Goodman

Location: Coeur D Alene, Idaho United States

Company: 1983

Profession: Hobbyist

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: My interest in designing my ideas is newly acquired and so far my experience has been limited to a single drafting program due to a limited budget.

Hobbies and activities: Listening to music, games and puzzles

Online communities: None

Inspired by: Each of my past projects have all been inspired by different events or ideas of interest. This project was inspired by the direction of a previous project that was inspired when I noticed a problem with a NASA mission report back from 2003 that covered ozone ‘limb’ viewing. Other inspirations that helped guide the design of my engine include Ted T.A.L.K. presentations, Boaz Almog’s quantum locking and Jeffery Rusick’s deep space exploration, plus documentaries, ‘Upward Bound: Space Elevators’ and ‘Search for the Super Battery’ by Daniel McCabe.

2019 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
05/09 Diamagnetic Field Engine Sustainable Technologies 734 1