Entrant Profile

Tadashi Kubo

Location: Abiko City, Chiba, Chiba Japan

Company: AC Biode Ltd.

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: Currently, the battery electricity source is only DC, therefore, we need to convert from AC to DC every time batteries are charged and in the case of AC motors and additional conversion is required, resulting on electricity losses of up to 35%.
Therefore, we have been developing a solution to avoid or improve this two-time conversion. Capitalizing on the team’s 25 years of experience and 5 years of research, we have developed the first-ever standalone AC battery (patent-pending). The general public has begrudgingly accepted that the battery electricity source must be DC ever since Alessandro Volta developed a primary battery in 1800. Although it is true that it makes sense to use DC batteries for lower power devices such as lights, radios or smartphones, battery applications for Electric Vehicles (EV), drones or Electric Airplanes (EA) consume much more power within the same amount of time. Thus, DC batteries alone prove to be insufficient to provide a steady voltage or current that these devices require. In these cases, AC batteries are needed, and they are more efficient and easier to control than the conventional DC batteries.
We applied for two patents in Japan in 2016, 100% by AC Biode, and will apply for additional two patents in Japan and at Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). According to the Japan Patent Office, no one has claimed against our applications since then till now, that means the two patents are going to be filed soon. Our TRL (Technical Readiness Level) is 4.
We already have a prototype of our AC battery at 20W. We will scale it up to around 50kW within a year once we raise seed funding or receive public grants.

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