Entrant Profile

Nathan Huber

Location: St.marys, Ohio United States

Company: University of Cincinnati

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Hobbies and activities: Robotics & Automation, 3D Printing, CNC

Inspired by: Being able to help others with the rapidly advancing technology we have today definitely inspires me. However, the biggest inspiration for this project comes from my grandmother. Grandma Marie was a very influential person in my life, so when she began showing signs of dementia 10 years ago, life began to change within my family. As the disease progressed into Alzheimer’s, my fiercely independent grandmother slowly changed into a completely different person with enormous needs that grew exceedingly difficult to meet at home. After much thought and consideration, Grandma had to be admitted into a full care nursing facility. She struggled greatly during her 6 month stay at the nursing home. I found it heart wrenching to watch her and other patients struggle to reach for the simplest things or futilely attempt other small tasks that they used to be able to do quite easily. Being able to make a change in someone’s life is great, but being able to design and build something that can help change the lives of many is even greater. I would not have been able to further this project without the help of Dr. Ou Ma’s lab at the University of Cincinnati. I am grateful to him for allowing me to utilize his robotic equipment.

2019 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
06/27 Robotic Healthcare Assistant Medical 439 4