This design uses virtual reality (VR) tools to conduct detailed examinations of human melanoma and disease progression and possible treatment. The tests will use a ConfocalVR systems. Instead of viewing cell images as a three-dimensional model on a flat computer screen,

Currently, the bags don't have the best design for our back, because the design of those bags was made a long time ago and until now they were keeping the same parameters about where they had been sewn and its points of tension,

Early detection of incipient failure and excessive wear in knee implants is essential to avoid revision surgery and hence lower medical costs. Self-powered embedded implants sensors could provide a new in vivo capability to reduce these clinical complications.

Tests on anchovies show that when plastic is mixed with salt water and begins to disintegrate it releases an odor which is similar to krill. The enticing smell sets off foraging and feeding behaviour in fish, causing them to eat the debris, believing it is food.

"CATCH" is a low cost, user-friendly, self-testing device which detects HIV. In emerging nations, this promotes individuals (who are prevented from travelling for miles to see a physician) to test for HIV at home.


Apparatus and method of automatically removing a needle
Patent # US20170173272A1
United States

Concern in contemporary dental practice because of the underlying possibility of transmission of blood-borne viruses. The estimated transmission rates for hepatitis B (HBV) to non-vaccinated recipients,

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) occur in 15% of hospitalized patients in the US (1.7 million cases/year) and result in approximately 90,000 deaths. The burden of disease is even higher in developing countries. 

Healthcare workers’ hands are the most common vector in the transmission of microorganisms causing HAI.

Ayurveda is life in case of biomedical. It basically deals with Vatt, Pitta, Kapha. These three together are called tridoshas. They contain lot of information. These are diagnosed through a person's wrist. In today’

Ever since I saw the 'Hero' Malian migrant who saved a child from Paris balcony building, I was inspired to build a mechanism that can prevent or save peoples who fall down from a building automatically.

Cycling is a great cardiovascular activity that's generally easy on the joints because it's not weight bearing, although back pain seems to be relatively common among cyclists. According to research,

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