Entrant Profile

Karen Sorber

Location: Bristol, Virginia United States

Company: Micronic Technologies

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Number of times previously entering contest: 2

Inspired by: Karen Sorber, embraced a humanitarian visit to Peru in 2007 and observed children living without sufficiently clean water, witnessing first-hand the impact on their lives and health. She came away committed that one day she would find a way to contribute to solving the water crisis for Peru and others in developing countries around the globe. One year later, whether by chance or karma, Karen reconnected with her soon to be new husband, Kelly Rock. At that time, he held 21 patents in various technologies and was interested in pursuing a novel desalination concept he envisioned. The symmetry of Karen’s desire to help address global water issues and Kelly’s idea and equal interest in helping people, motivated them to start-up Micronic in 2008. Having filed a non-provisional patent, the Company secured its first capital in 2010, to be followed by additional private investment and several million in federal and state grants. They remain determined to make an impact.