Entrant Profile

Dave Henderson

Location: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

Company: Flit

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: Growing up I always aspired to be an automotive engineer. I achieved this dream when I graduated from Oxford University and joined Jaguar Land Rover. But I quickly realised that traditional technology in the automotive sector was going to become redundant; the future is electric. Refocusing on EV technology, I moved to Beijing to learn Mandarin and pursue a master's degree in automotive engineering. There, I had a second revelation: moving people around cities on comparatively light two wheelers is far more efficient that moving them in heavy cars. Not only that, it is also better for the urban environment, and necessary if we are to begin to addressing issues like urban congestion and climate change. Since then, I have devoted my professional life to developing practical ebikes, both for the fun engineering challenge that they present, and to help reduce barriers so that we can get more people cycling and improve our cities.