Entrant Profile

Ashok Kumar

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

Company: Sunitha green energy pvt ltd

Profession: Scientist

Inspired by: INSPIRATION
My inspiration is mainly involved to save our mother earth from pollution.Each and everyday our environment is affected by various types of pollution and this completely spoils our nature. Every human in the earth has an responsibility to save our earth and their nature of our environment. i made this invention mainly to reduce environmental pollution which related to energy production like fuel generators and vehicles. so my invention give the solution for energy related problems and also modified this invention to use an vehicles also.

Today there are various types of power generator can be used for the power requirement such as domestic and industrial purpose. But the generator cost is high and the maintenance processes are very complicated. This project overcomes for all these problems. To actually implement the design of this generator, certain steps had to be taken to ensure that every block of the project functions correctly.

Designing process tells about the overview of the project. All the component are designed to serve their functions properly and taking into account the various consideration such as material, labor, availability of technology, economic, safety, usage, reliability, maintainability, functionality etc. These components will be manufactured according to their design specifications.

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