Entrant Profile

Michael Kezirian

Location: Seabrook, Texas United States

Company: Century Fathom

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: We want to provide a better quality of life. We also seek to preserve natural resources, aware of the impact of consumption on climate change. In some ways, these ideals present a dichotomy. The proposed method addresses both, providing access to clean energy and water while reducing waste and greenhouse gases.
Our idea was born from the Macondo Deepwater Horizon accident (April 2010). Initial attempts to stop the leak were thwarted by the formation of hydrates from associated gas in the containment dome. Like other observers, the Century Fathom team followed the news of the recovery efforts.
At the time, key team members were performing safety analysis of pressure vessels in support of ongoing Space Shuttle missions and designing a new critical pressure vessel essential for the international Space Station. From safety of these NASA space programs and the experiences in the Gulf, an environmentally sustainable and economically efficient method was born.