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With the help of deep learning algorithms, SmartCloudFarming is combining satellite pictures and soil sensor data to create 3D maps of soils. These maps are a result of deep soil analytics and display the varying levels of moisture, nutrients (N-P-K-Mg) and soil organic carbon in 3 dimensions.

The World Economic Forum reports that the water crisis is the 4th greatest global risk in terms of impact to society. More people have local access to water of uncertain purity than predictable quality so there is a need to detoxify and purify local supplies.

We have Indigenously developed our new innovative technology i.e TMSG-DC-200.

Thermoelectric Module Static generator DC Power TMSG-DC-200 is highly reliable remote power supply unit working with natural gas or propane. TMSG-DC-200 generates electrical power converting directly heat energy into electricity.

Wind energy is the most promising source of renewable energy in response to the emerging needs for replacement of the conventional power plants. Currently, the two main devices for generating electricity from wind energy are vertical axis wind turbines and horizontal axis wind turbines.

1) In comparison to 2019 entry the support for incline plane is simplified by a single square plate and the power of each machine unit is increased by double cone wheels sliding on V-shaped tract on modified incline plane tilted at 45° that coincides with a line at

Nowadays, because of increasing population, people demand more food, fruits, vegetables, clothes and etc. That’s why highly productive and highest quality is being created by scientists and selektors. But this problem hasn’t been sorted out yet completely.

It is known that, light is needed to nourish plants.

Nowadays desertification is no longer a purely ecological and environmental problem, but also an economic and social problem, which brings poverty and social instability to human beings. For those threatened by desertification, it means that they will lose their most basic subsistence -- a lack of food.

The conventional refrigeration cycle develops high pressure refrigerant in the condenser that is throttled to a low pressure and temperature for cooling air within an evaporator. This throttling process involves little more than passing the refrigerant through a small orifice interface (or expansion valve).

The proposed innovation is a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable flow battery that can store excess renewable energy in water (H2O) and table salt (NaCl). I have named this the BlueBattery. It is a combination of two well-established technologies: [1] Electrodialysis (ED),

To appreciate BMHK engine proposal, one must think of stars, including our Sun, as not only nuclear fusion reactors but also, and probably most importantly, as Gravity engines.

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