Entrant Profile

Andres Tremante

Location: Miami, Florida United States

Company: Florida Intl University

Profession: Educator

Inspired by: The primary inspiration of this "Simultaneous Positive Pressure Ventil-Aid" system is to aid people affected by COVID-19 with an innovative, low-cost, and effective ventilator design and components. A system of this type will also have broader use. The main idea for this STEM innovation-based business or technological transfer research is to use Florida International University (FIU) labs to develop an initial prototype to then be able to partner with several small businesses, which includes those with expertise in the 3D printing and manufacturing areas. This STEM innovation-based business in conjunction with other small businesses will allow for this project to be mass-produced and help boost local or even national economy.
In order to impact the nation’s and world’s ability to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in a timely manner, the team would like to perform the proposed work in collaboration with an already start-up and/or small business specializing in 3D printing, which is the technology envisaged for producing the proposed system.
The Center for Diversity and Student Success in Engineering and Computing CD-SSEC at FIU: "https://cec.fiu.edu/academics/student-resources/cd-ssec-home" is supporting this proposed project, by adding the expertise required with Undergrad/Grad students who could become entrepreneurs by creating and establishing their own Start-Up businesses. Mechanical Engineering senior students, Giuseppe Bianco and Cristobal Galjuf, are a very good example of this entrepreneurial initiative.

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06/27 Simultaneous Positive Pressure Ventil-Aid System Medical 6260 123