Entrant Profile

Umid Khudoyberdiev

Location: Jizzakh, Cizah Uzbekistan

Company: Jizzakh polytechnic institute

Profession: Student

Inspired by: At present,the World Ocean, Land and millions of animals living in it suffer from plastic pollution.Also, thousands of people living on the beach claim that there is a serious risk to their health from plastic and polymer pollution.The fact that plastic and polymer wastes do not rot for a long time(up to 100-400 years) is one of their most dangerous.The toxic gases and substances coming out of them cause lung and gastric cancer and other serious diseases in the human body, causing serious frustration in the population of some animals they are already proven.I think that this project will help to reduce the impact of man on ecology even if it is a little bit.

2020 Entries

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06/30 Eco-Bottles Consumer Product Design 945 3