Entrant Profile

Juan Carlos Garcia Hoyos

Location: Bogota, Cundinamarca Colombia


Profession: Scientist

Favorite design and analysis tools: Computing in the space area.
Decryption of satellite messages
Exolinguistics and Exopolitics

Hobbies and activities: Music, Astronomy and Politics

Online communities: ndia.org

Inspired by: It could be considered that the best and almost “only” way of projecting short-term strategies to encourage relations of less imbalance between the great powers and the “peripheral” nations, is found in the creative use that the latter make of the Internet and its possibilities. virtual. The entrepreneurship outlined here is an example of how an idea created by a scientist who was born in an emerging country, can implement a technological framework that will be of great help for the homogenization of communications and for the technologies that may emerge from this innovation.

2020 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
06/30 EXTRATERRANOVAS Aerospace & Defense 9614 18