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EXTRATERRANOVAS. It is a computer program that works as a set of tools to study the behavior of the protocol in experiments of global information infrastructure that involve the combination of satellites and terrestrial fiber optic networks. (Receiver of telescopic photographs and monitoring of radio transmissions). This technology works from a new interpretation of the code generation tools developed jointly with Global Science & Technology, Inc. And which has the potential to reduce the high cost of developing software and increase its reliability.

Product(s), process(es), or service(s) proposing to create or enhance using this technology.

Code generation tools have the potential to reduce the high cost of developing software and increase software reliability. Tools on the market today consist of a software design tool integrated with a design methodology and coupled to code generator modules. Todays tools can produce only a small fraction of an applications code automatically. Their design methodology is too narrow and the role of their code generators is too general purpose. By decoupling the tools components, the proposed innovative product will be easily extensible allowing specialized design methods and code generators to be selected for an application to automate a larger fraction of the development work. Future tools using this innovation will support concurrent engineering using multiple design methodologies working with a choice of design editors and driving a collection of code generators hosted on a network. The improved product will lead to wider use of automation in software development, lower costs, and higher reliability. Among the proposed research topics are XML notation for designs, extended resource patterns for specifications and Internet based code generation services. EXTRATERRANOVAS will achieve through the incorporation of the new code interpretation, generate a host from where the file transfer service, remote connection, database servers and web servers will be provided, to recycle real residual data from unusable satellites and that They are on our geostationary orbits.

The development of this venture has already been approved by National Aeronautics and Space Administration -NASA- to be licensed within the technology called Heterogeneous Spacecraft Networks and to begin their respective negotiations jointly with Global Science & Technology, Inc., a partner of EXTRATERRANOVAS. Although Global Science & Technology, Inc. is committed to commercial product development, the vitality of the market depends on the flow of ideas between nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Therefore, we believe that the new environment designed by EXTRATERRANOVAS should be available for academic research, where code generators can be shared non-commercially and moderately by peers. Such an infrastructure will strengthen the national research establishment and lead to better algorithms.

Achievements for EXTRATERRANOVAS

-may. de 2020-. The President's Volunteer Service (Award United States Presidential Service Award for Aerospace Research - Award for the time invested in voluntarily developing research for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration -NASA- and the US Navy - EXTRATERRANOVAS Project Award for over a decade of research)


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