Entrant Profile

Rashid Aliyev

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong China

Company: Horizon Next

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: Google Sketchup, TinkerCad

Hobbies and activities: Innovations, IT, Technology, Entrepreneurship

Inspired by: When I started product which aim help Blind and visually impaired (BVI) people to be able to learn Braille, I made bold and general design. After tests with end users we decided to make it more ergonomic, pocket size and more mobile. We used statistical datas on average people hand sizes and after calculation I made this unique and ergonomic design, which better fit to hand of child aged 6 to adult aged 60. I do improved button placements, size and distances. No our device is better handled by BVI person.

2020 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
06/30 Braille Teach Consumer Product Design 1742 43