3D Virtual Reality System

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The 3D Virtual Reality System completely immerses the user in a dynamic 3D visual and 3D audio environment that changes naturally in response to the user's movements. The user wears specially designed goggles that create the 3D visual and audio environment. The goggles incorporate head-tracking technology so that the user's movements are detected and the images and sounds are fluidly changed to naturally track the user's point of view. The result is a totally immersive virtual reality experience wherein the user naturally interacts with the virtual environment.

The system will revolutionize video games and movies, as well as simulators and training systems, heads up displays for vehicles and aircraft, remote medicine, video conferencing, exercise systems, and many other applications.

The system employs specially designed goggles that use independent LCD displays for each eye, thereby allowing the creation of the 3D visual environment. The goggles have earphones with independent drivers for each ear, thereby allowing the creation of the 3D binaural audio environment. The goggles use head-tracking technology, for example, with LED emitters to accurately determine the position of the user’s head in real time. The goggles are connected to a host device (such as a computer or dedicated controller) which has a head-tracking sensor and graphics and audio rendering capabilities. The source material (e.g., game, movie) is played from the host device, and the graphics and audio are digitally processed in response to the head-tracking sensor to adjust the perceived visual and audio orientation as the user moves. For example, as the user turns her head left to right, the 3D scene and sounds in front of her appropriately move right to left. The system relies on currently available hardware capabilities and provides a relatively low cost consumer product (estimated to be a few hundred dollars). The result is a dynamically interactive holographic virtual reality system created with a compact, lightweight goggle.


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