Consumer Products

A folio and writing surface for drawing or writing pad, which opens 360 degrees, allowing for ease of use in the field as well as compact desk use.

Imagine if you will you walk into a room any room.

The 3D Virtual Reality System completely immerses the user in a dynamic 3D visual and 3D audio environment that changes naturally in response to the user's movements. The user wears specially designed goggles that create the 3D visual and audio environment.

Storage To-Go

The proliferation of low power, large capacity, small form factor, external hard disk drives into consumer electronic products will be the largest growth areas over the next few years according to market analysts. These go-anywhere,

This stroller is eco-friendly made from recycled materials.Unique in the way that it is operated and the way it moves in response to its one of a kind ergonomic design with total flexibilty in mind.

This Advanced Key and System allows to prevent Key locked inside the Vehicle. It is normally very frustrating and difficult when door is locked with the key inside. This system uses sensor in Key and Vehicle Door. The system uses Logical programming which is as follows.

Last year, Stanford University demonstrated that paper can be used as a “battery” or energy storage device with the proper application of a conductive material, such as carbon nanotubes (CNT). Details of this work can be found in “Highly conductive paper for energy-storage devices” by Hu, Choi,

Pogo sticks have been around for a very long time and there have been some recent improvements that have caused resurgence in their popularity. The use of air-springs and special configurations of elastic bands or cords have recently allowed users to jump much higher,

The All-in-One Shower Spa is the efficient modern way to take a shower for any individual. This convenient system would be a superb way to improve the daily lives of its users as well as the environment.

Amazon is a architectural speaker system inspired by the goddess of the moon. It is an artistic vision and concretisation of the divine. Speakers are protected by a moulded mask permeable to the sound.

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