Your Kid's Ultimate Cellphone

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Just like us, our kids are searching for the perfect all-in-one device. They want something that lets them play games, talk to their friends, manage their schedules, and document the things that are important to them. Enter the Nintendo DSi Cell Phone Extender.
The DSi is already an incredibly capable device. It features dual screens, front and rear cameras, embedded microphone and speakers, a touch interface, and WiFi connectivity. It has native support for chat rooms; it takes pictures and video; it even supports text based input. With SD card support, it can store gigabytes worth of data. In short, it has all the features that phones have just started to adopt, and at a retail price of only $139, phones simply can’t compete.
The DSi CellXTend is the missing piece that pulls all of these great resources together under one umbrella of ultimate connectivity. And, with the right choice of coprocessor and memory, it adds the missing link that all small internet devices lack: Flash Support. With this, the DSi CellXTend will make your child’s DSi even more functional than an adult’s new iPad.
Parents have already started to recognize the importance of cell phones in their kid’s lives. We all want to be able to reach our kids when we need to, and even more importantly, we want them to be able to reach us. With this device, we can give our kids the gaming platform they crave, while also giving ourselves the peace of mind we need. All of this comes on one unified platform.
Cell technology is now so ubiquitous that the actual costs of implementing the basic technology is measured in the tens of dollars. If the device is attached to a parent’s existing cell phone plan, it could be given away for free with a one or two year contract, just like entry-level phones are now. And think of what it does for your child: one small device in their backpack or pocket. In addition the DSi was designed to withstand the abuse that children can wreak on electronics. It is a robust device, more robust than most. It's exactly what you and your child want and need.


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