The PackSeat

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For lack of a better name this is called the PackSeat.
The pictures show a crude mock up of the design for information purposes only and details have been deliberately omitted to protect parts of the design.
Designed for day hikes this pack features an integrated and sturdy chair which allows for comfortable seating wherever you are. There is no need to unpack to use the chair and your belongings remain secure and easily within reach. Ideally this item will be made from light weight plastics and durable nylon.
The pack itself is a hard shell plastic design that is molded to conform to standard body types. Standard injection molding can easily yield the pieces necessary for construction. It is important to add as little weight as possible to the standard pack in order to reduce fatigue and increase comfort. The plastic surfaces need to have a textured surface to prevent slipping
The back brace is hinged near the lower edge and a securing mechanism along the upper edge. When the securing mechanism is disengaged the back brace will rotate 270 degrees and become the back of the chair. While the back is being rotated there is a gear mechanism in the hinge which will extend the chair legs which are hidden beneath the back support. The legs are attached to the back of the hard shell beneath the back support and completely hidden from view when the pack is in travel configuration. The front hard shell of the pack now becomes the seating surface and the contents of the pack will remain secure as part of the seat.
The back support is shown in pink. The main body of the pack is shown in turquoise, the hinge is red, the gears are grey and the legs are green. The chair could be either used without the legs which would simplify the design but may have the end users back coming in contact whit dirt or with the legs which would minimize the chance of dirt transfer due to a smaller area which would contact the ground.


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