PEET computer

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Meet PEET (Personal Education/Entertainment Tool)

PEET is a new take on the future of computer form factors. We loved the idea of projected surface computing wherein computers of the future can recognize and change accordingly based on their surroundings. However we were unimpressed with the obvious and often blogged about idea of wearing a projector on the body.

PEET is a small Mylar balloon containing a miniature computer with the ability to project interactive images. PEET can serve as tool or toy from being your personal city tour guide to playing a game of virtual volleyball.

With computers getting lighter and faster everyday, soon there will be a processor small and powerful enough to fit into a small ballon. PEET's clear bottom allows for images to be projected onto the ground while PEET gathers energy from the sun. If it starts to rain or there is an issue, PEET is smart enough to find a safe spot and land.

Your interactions with PEET are biased completely on the users needs and preferences Whether you prefer virtually typing in a phone number or simply asking PEET to "call mom," this device can cater to your needs

Our lighthearted solution provides a liberated approach to personal computing.


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    William Vespa
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    Billy Vespa and tool Inc.
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    pen and paper
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    SolidWorks PDMWorks
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    cool stuff
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    corel painter
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