Improved Power Tool Cases With Tool Cart

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The product line consists of power tool carrying/storage cases with integral features which quickly convert the portable power tools to the functioal equivalent of bench mounted power tools. The enhanced cases quickly mount and clamp to a portable tool cart which provides a transportable, stable, ergonomic work structure.

The first illustration depicts a portable drill which is quickly converted to a drill press. The drill is slipped into and clamped to a slide adapter which engages the slide rails integral to the end of the carrying case. The slide adapter has a gear rack which engages a gear mounted to the case. The gear is rotated by a removeable drive handle which causes the drill to advance or retract from a workpiece. The drive handle has a remote cable and actuator which when depressed controls the RPM of the drill. A pivoting work table is incorporated into the case to allow for precise angular drilling of workpieces.

The second illustration depicts a portable circular saw wich quickly converts to a compound miter saw. The carrying case has an integral index table and compound pivot assembly. A linear slide and saw carriage are attached to the pivot mechanism. The portable saw is quickly snapped into the saw carriage via compression spring loaded retainer. In use the saw can be adjusted to cut a miter of +/- 45 degrees and compound angle of 0 to 45 degrees.

THe portable tooling cart quicly clamps the cases via a hand rotated eccentric rail. The cart has a lower rail system to serve as storage for cases not in use. The cart has wheels and lift handles for ease of transport. The cart provides stable work support and hinges to a collapsed configuration for storage.

This product line greatly enhances the utility of normally hand held power tools to that of bench mounted tools at a fraction of the price. It increases the accuracy of the tools, reduces the operator effort and increases the operator safety.The tools can be quickly returned to hand-held mode when required.

The product line is designed for manufacture using economic practices such as injection molding, stamping, casting and tube drawing.

This product line would be used in home repair, woodworking, home improvement contractors, trim, floor and window installers and numerous other applications where portable power tools are used.


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