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Imagine if you will you walk into a room any room. You put these quarter size sensors up on four corners of the room you set up a perimeter you put on a special pair of glasses that use transparent lcd displays with a portable power pack that goes on your belt .A pair of gloves with the same sensor on it you put in the room. You turn the pc unit on nothing happens then u hit the switch on the power pack your wearing, a transparent world shows in the glasses menus pop up on command . Today you want to design a bandsaw to go in your garage in the back so you open your garage program and all the tools in your garage show up . You take materials and form them with your tools success u finished it now u want to simulate it so you highlight parts and set there properties weight ,strength, hardness ,and wear ect….
Run it something went wrong! the spindle froze looks like you forgot the bearings oh no good thing its not real reset ! Now you put oil less bushings in it success it runs. I simulated years of running maintenance is acceptable .you like it time to make it in the shop .highlight it by touching it a menu pops up u tear it down and print real blueprints with tolerances time to make it in the shop .before you leave the kids come in they need it for homework the subject is rotational physics they put in the homework packet and a wheel pops up with a size, shape ,and weight how much torque does it take for it to reach a speed of s in t for time they work with it and hands on they get it and see it wow there having fun now we have 1 hour before lunch what to do lets play a game on it. yeah !so they pop in there favorite game and interact with it lunch time .time to cut it off today u tested a new band saw before u built it and your kids learnt school didn't take up the tv and played interactive physical games without sitting at a desk. tomorrows project set up and program the robots that run in the car plant you work at. little do you know an architect is designing houses up the street with the same system . From me to everybody with today's technologies this can be done I'm not rich I cant develop this. it can benefit the world my choice is the ps3 system its power is great . Engineers , architects, military , gamers , and ordinary people can use it the program writs itself while u work. if u want my imagination on it I'm here sincerely justin oliver hammond harrisburg nc


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    Justin Hammond
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    machinist engineering welding fabrication
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    I'm inspired when i look at something ,a vehicle a tool, etc... and i think of the things missed out how easy it could have been to use or fix how versatile it can be . and if its worth working on i grab a piece of paper and some tools and maybe acouple of books on different subjects and start daydreaming then when im sure it has a chance to work i will get started tryin to build it myself with the resourses i have
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