Creativity Cafe; New School and Networking Parlor

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We need to find new ways to cooperate, heal ourselves (and each other) and Earth while inventing NEW SYSTEMS to nurture our “shrinking” and ailing planet and its peoples. Creativity Cafe Edutainment Centers is designed to address all that, rapidly and globally.

Every Earthling has a different level of learning ability. Innovative approachs to education are needed to release personal patterns that may not get people where they want to go? And what if they don’t know where they want to go. What will inspire them?

Young people in every generation shun their parents ways, and embrace whatever is new. Give them a club that caters to their needs while nurturing creative expression and builds better global citizens via education that is fun! Attendance records will improve. More importantly lost values and morality can be restored.

A Creativity Cafe venue network; designed to extract the best humanity has to offer, will birth community problem solving and social systems that can identify issues and match problems to solutions/resources (for each patron).

People find it difficult to understand, discover and utilize new technology. A community mentoring and resource center will help resolve community challenges and offer sustainable economic and social advancement with dependence on government funding and will speed a patrons personal growth/success.

By artists and edutainers teaching in creative, fun and friendly ways, the general public, in any given culture-community-neighborhood, people will easily make new friends, business connections and benefit from the venue operating system. No other nightclub/day club/school today is open to the general public 24/7 with programming designed to harness creativity for social change. Creativity Cafe is a safe “clubhouse.” Kids are protected from undesirable influences.

Each person will receive knowledge that is custom tailored according to their needs. Cutting edge artists, edutainers and supporters/sponsors give back to the community at large via programs, edutainments and broadcasts designed to inspire peace and new ideas.

San Francisco is where the basic organization, staff functions, operating systems and community outreach training would begin... replicated in communities everywhere, in every culture... to serve as a vehicle/mechanism for accelerating local and global social change.

Innovative products and services (personal mentoring, niche marketing, product distribution and delivery of community crafted edutainments) will offer the community content that can truly serve a patrons/community’s needs. People always need marketing, seniors on limited incomes need help/mentoring to find community/Federal programs, educational and health resources, etc.

I have implemented over 200 demonstration projects with corporate funding and support. Please allow me to take this project to the next level; A venue offering potential passive income for patrons thanks facilitated networking.

Online social networks become part of Creativity Cafe’s Community Venue Operating System (C3VoS); facilitated networking to give each patron power to easily find people or resources in the club that could assist in their quest or goal.

At CC’s, patrons will experience a Community Clubhouse THEY “PROGRAM” in advance... to deliver the exact experience/result they seek, i.e. “finding funding for my project,” “meeting the man of my dreams.”


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