Ellipsoidal Gait Bicycle

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Bicycles have been evolving since its early conception in the 1800s. The bicycles intended designs were primarily for transportation, and recreation. But now bicycles have a greater function in our culture, they provide a healthy means of needed exercise. Today’s bicycles have not changed significantly since 1888 when pnuematic tires were first applied. In fact, their only changes have been in the materials used which decrease weight and increase structural integrity. This is good because now we are ready for the next evolution, the form running bicycle. Two conceptual bikes are presented, but bike designs are not limited. The bicycle in figure A, the rider is in the prone position, the main features to this design are the uncomfortable seat has been eliminated and the legs are isolated in the work out. In figure B the rider simulates running technique utilizing legs and some upper body, and a seat is present for momentary recovery and coasting. Current bicycle cranks allow the rider to peddle in small circular pattern which is not characteristic to walking or running, therefore developing muscles that are mostly not used. This conceptual design peddles in an ellipsoidal pattern that characterizes the running gait motions without the damaging impact on your joints (Figure C,D). Also unique to this design is that the peddling motions are independent of each other; riders may choose to pump both legs simultaneously, alternately, and even one side only (Figure F). Independent pedaling can prevent cyclist from favoring one leg over the other.
Everyone who has a need of exercise and fresh air will want this bicycle and it will be especially helpful to athletes that are training for running event without the hazards that normally plague runners such as shin splints, knee and ankle joints, and other disabling injuries. Since the pedals are independent; persons that are missing a lower extremity could also benefit from these bicycles.
The design of this bike does not have any special requirements for manufacturing and is comparable to bikes of today; in fact most of the parts are common components. So production costs are comparable to current bikes and are only affected by the laws of supply and demand.


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