Dual-Mode Lighting Device with Magnetically Mounted Light Diffuser

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* Here is a product that increases quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, or while traveling.

* The proposed novel affordable dual purpose, interior, self-contained, off-grid lighting device is the "Magnetically Mounted Disc-Shaped Light Diffuser", which is an upgrade of the existing model.

* Here are the features of the Magnetically Mounted Disc-Shaped Light Diffuser.

* extreme simplicity
* magnetic mount to switch between mode 1 (task lighting) and mode 2 (room lighting)
* uniform diffusion of light with wide cone angle and no glare
* existing lamp requiring no modification except for adding 2 magnets
* no change in the switch (fool-proof ON/OFF only)
* no additional LED light bulbs required
* no moving parts or mechanism whatsoever
* retrofit of installed lamps possible

* Please refer to the attached detailed drawings for the lighting device design proposed.

* Patent application "Dual-Mode Lighting Device with Magnetically Mounted Light Diffuser" has been filed by the Solver for potential licensing.


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