Sicycle toy

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This toy has the capability to spin in place or make direct angle degree turns. It can drive forward or backward and turn gradually also. The ability will be beneficial because the unit will be able to maneuver in tight places much more gracefully than conventional vehicles. This idea can not only be applied as a toy, but also as an automotive and aquatic technology. Once the scale is enlarged to full size the benefits will be countless. For instance, parallel parking will be a snap. All you would need to do is pull up right beside where to park, next turn the wheels 90 degrees by moving one wheel right and the other left, then pull straight in and then rotate the wheels again to the correct direction. This concept will be so easy a computer could drive these units reducing the chance for accidents or injury. These computer driven vehicles could be set to obey all speed limits and traffic codes thus making them safe plus capable of emergency protocols if needed, and secure because the vehicle can be programmed to know the driver (or occupants as the case may be) which would eliminate the need for keys or other anti-theft devices. The smaller design would mean less congestion on the freeways saving both time and money by eradicating traffic jams. It’s smaller size also will make the item cheaper to produce because of the smaller number of parts needed. Another benefit this concept has is lower power consumption than comparable items which would not only decrease the demand for fossil fuels but also pave a way for other products, for instance solar energies, to expand and improve. As the Market grasps this idea and enjoys the freedoms it relinquishes this concept will flourish. There will be no special or different principles required for manufacture and most of the components needed for production are already available.


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    Gary Henthorne
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    My hobbies include tinkering with ideas.
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    I hope to find something new that will put my name in the history books.
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    drill press and miscellaneous power tools
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