PDA / E Reader

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I am envisioning a PDA/E-reader with the following requirements

1) a 10 MB camera built in. The camera must auto focus to less than 1 inch if legs are extended. screen should zoom by touch. See item 2

2) Legs to stand it off of a table at least an inch, more if practical. White led lights on the bottom to illuminate text. This is so the camera can read text so one can read it on screen (visually impaired)

3) A built in cell phone. Phone must be 3g or 4g wireless.
GPS navigation with built in maps. If you text a code to it, it will tell you where it is using the navigation and text back its location(anti theft). Two button silent call for help(911). The device foes not need to be turned on for this function and will NOT light up or make sounds without a third button being activated.

4) Touch screen.

5) Computer operating system so I do NOT have to carry a laptop. Linux (preferred) or Windows and selectable by customer.

6) 15 hour operating life while the phone and computer are operating.

7) A 6-8 inch display.

8) Weight less than 2 lbs as those that will need the vision impaired modes may not be able to carry around heaver items.

9) protected so that if it is dropped it should survive.

10)The touch screen is not the display and can crack without damaging the display and still operate as a touch surface.

11) options The back is covered with solar cells to recharge it when it is not in use.
Any text that shows on screen can be converted back to text form via software.


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