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Field of the Invention The inventions described below belong to child strollers and in particular mobile applications. Background of the Invention Typical strollers are limited by the fact that the child does not have mobility to flex leg muscles and requires the infant lay or sit. There is not vertical motion mechanism that permits standing or jumping up and down. SUMMARY OF THE PRESENT INVENTION  This invention provides a novel method of allowing an infant in a stroller to have the ability to jump up and down while still supported in the stroller. The device described provides an easy method of securing the infant in a mechanism that allows for standing and also provides vertical movement for the purpose of jumping up and down. The device provides mobility and exercise while the infant travels in the stroller. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS  FIG 1 is a typical stroller with added jumping mechanism. FIG. 2 is a typical stroller support structure. FIG. 1 is a side elevation jumping mechanism. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION. FIG 1 illustrates a typical installation. The illustration shows the infant supported in a flexible holding apparatus that attaches to a typical stroller mechanism. The illustration also shows the flexibility added to a typical stroller allowancing for vertical movement while still supporting the infant. FIG. 2 illustrates a typical stroller support structure. The typical stroller structure usually consists of wheels and a support frame.  FIG. 3 illustrates the jumping mechanism attached to a standard stroller support system. The illustration also shows the vertical support system and the mechanism that allows for vertical movement. Claims What is claimed is: 1. A Jumping mechanism added to a stroller comprising:  A. an infant support system that allows for standing while still supporting the infant... B. a vertical support structure that facilitates vertical movement of the infant support system for the purpose of jumping up and down.


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