Pill Popper

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Removing medicine from the blister packs they come in can be very difficult, especially for the elderly or those with arthritis. This inexpensive device, small enough to fit on a key chain, would make that task much easier. Think of it as a hole punch for pills in blister packs. The device would resemble a stapler in basic form, but much smaller and made of plastic. Basically a shallow V shape single piece of plastic that has a triangular \"tooth\" on the business end and is just a flat brace on the other end. The triangular \"tooth\" would pierce the Mylar,paper, foil, or whatever the blister pack is constructed of and free the pill from the container. Having a key chain attachment hole would keep the device handy at all times. This could be made for a few cents a copy with plastic injection molding.


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    Anthony Trent
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