DeskSpacer II

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The DeskSpacer II is a quadrilateral shaped utility desk organizer constructed of high-impact durable, lightweight injection molded plastic with a thickness of 16th -18th of an inch, a 10° to 15° slope on the top, a height (front slope) of 8.5 inches, a (back slope) height of 10 inches, a width of 8.5 inches, that combines and integrates all the basic desk accessories, such as Knick/Knacks/Accessories Compartments, Collapsible/Telescopic Lamp, Tape Dispenser, Digital/Analog Clock Radio with Speakers and LED Light Display, Photo Displayer, iPod/ Earphone Docking and Hook-Up, Pencil Sharpener (with Shavings‘ drawer), Business Cards Drawer, Sticky Notepad Tray, Stapler, and Mail/Envelope Holder, into one compact receptacle for the purpose of providing efficiency in the workplace.

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  • Name:
    Hugo Palacios
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  • Profession:
    Business Owner/Manager
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  • Hugo's favorite design and analysis tools:
    The DeskSpacer II
  • For managing CAD data Hugo's company uses:
    Autodesk Vault
  • Hugo's hobbies and activities:
    Product Ideas and Designs
  • Hugo belongs to these online communities:
    United Inventor Ass., Inventor's Alliance
  • Hugo is inspired by:
    Solutions for a better life.

    My name is Hugo Palacios. I am an inventor. I design, development and license innovative products, that improve the quality of living, to companies who sell directly to consumers.

    Currently we have two products that have received patents, five products that are patent pending with one patent license to be issued within the next two months, another one in December 2010, two others in February of 2011.

    In addition, though not yet submitted for patent, I am currently working on a DMV related product, and another product idea for containing or stopping the spread wildfires.
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    Corel, Photoshop, Photo Editor
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