Energy Saving Cookware

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As the cost of energy increases engineers must design more energy efficient ways to perform common everyday task. The energy efficient cookware (E-Cookware) reduces stovetop cook times and improves the heat transfer from the cookware bottom to the food in the pot. The trapped hot air reduces cooking time and provides even warming of food. This cookware design could be used on any stovetop and could be manufactured for pots and skillets. The Cookware can be stamped from Stainless Steel blanks and the outer shell can be welded to the top of the pot. A spill lip can be included in the stamped outer shell. The handle can be welded to the outer shell instead of being bolted. This cookware could be marketed as energy efficient and the increased production cost could be offset by the reduction of energy used to heat food and reduction of cooking times. Created by: Edgar Wise, 1157 Hooper Woods Dr., Forest, VA 24551, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 434-385-5844


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