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Buzzy is a reusable pain relief system proven to reduce needle pain and needle phobia during injections. Buzzy uses vibration and cold to naturally block the sharp pain associated with shots. Buzzy buffers pain using physiology we take for granted. A normal nervous system conveys temperature, pressure and sharp sensations on a single nerve pathway. When any two of these sensations exist, patients are not able to feel the third. Buzzy creates strong vibration and temperature sensations thereby blocking the body’s ability to feel the sharp pain associated with needles. Just like rubbing a bumped elbow or running a burn under cold water, Buzzy’s cold and vibration take the sting out of shots in a distracting design children relate to.


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    Phil Palermo
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    Phil Palermo, Dr. Amy Baxter, Russell Kroll, Suzuko Hisata, Mark Kruse
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    SolidWorks - Siemens NX - Adobe Suite - Gibbs Cam
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    Fishing, long walks on the beach and sushi.
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