Chameleons (Fiber Optic Shoes)

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Chameleons would look like ordinary white shoes. They would come in different styles, from Air Force 1-like shoes to high-top skater-like shoes, and even women friendly fashions. What separated them from other shoes it that under a thin layer of transparent plastic are the ends of thousands of fibers. This fiber optic shoe would be able to sport a limitless variety of patters and images. The images would be uploaded via a usb port in the back of the heel thats protected in a metal cavity, and a water-proof rubber plug. While plugged to a computer, patterns and images can be downloaded from a chameleon website and then uploaded into the shoe. Expensive models could even display short videos, such as a moving pattern or animated characters. Not only would these shoes be very popular, unlike other shoes, Chameleons would be able to gain profit long after the purchase of the shoes, due to the purchase of new patters and images. This would not only utilize the internet market, but would also creat a product that would not become unpopular, but instead be updated.

* The photo show an example of how the purchase of one pair of shoes would allow the owns to a limitless varity of styles and colors.


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