Green Smart Entertainment System

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This idea will eliminate millions of power cords, product cases, remotes, duplicated circuits and save much energy. It will save consumers and manufactures much money. It is a win win situation and can be made in America. It will work in all countries.
Following is a physical description of the Green Smart Entertainment System, designed to properly characterize the working functions of the product as well as define its physical appearance. The Green Smart Entertainment System is a plug and play entertainment system that is universally compatible and eliminates all external devices that are normally found on top of the TV such as cable, satellite, HDTV, DVD, Surround Sound, video games and DVR boxes and remotes, regardless of the manufacturer, with a single easy to use remote control. The Green Smart Entertainment System is designed to accept computers, cameras, as a video phone using the Internet, DSL, T-1 through T-10, cable, satellite, fiber optics or WIFI, with the display in plasma, LCD or a projector. The Green Smart Entertainment System eliminates parts and circuits such as power supplies, tuners etc duplicated in multiple products and enables the individual to comfortably expand their systems while maintaining ease of use and a clean aesthetic. The System could be constructed of many materials and consists of a main motherboard called the Master/Slave board; containing a large enough power supply to furnish power to all devices. The Master/Slave board has connector slots in it which the individual devices slide into. Each connector supplies power to the devices and data back and forth between the devices. Each slot and connector are of the same size enabling any device to be plugged into any slot. The consumer has the option of selecting their tuning systems, display device, audio and other devices, with the option of easy expansion or upgrades. The Master/Slave board “seeks and recognizes” the particular devices and automatically sets up and programs itself for the individual devices. The remote also “learns” from the Master/Slave unit and programs itself, enabling to be universally effective. The Green Smart Entertainment System enables all upgrades and additions, adjusting and overriding accordingly. The Green Smart Entertainment System contains all electrical and mechanical elements suitable for function and it comes in a variety of styles and designs from which to choose.


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