Tidewater Blue

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Tidewater Blue is a sending unit for marine fuel tanks that gives accurate fuel level readings under any water/weather condition and will tell the operator if water is in the tank before the engine is started. With the introduction of ethanol fuels a few years ago, water has become a major problem in the marine industry. If water were to enter an engine, major repairs would be needed. The current senders give a vary unreliable level reading, if they do work, and there is no water sensing from them leaving the owner/operator vulnerable to breakdowns on the water. There were six million pleasure boats in the US alone in 2008. This product would be marketed towards any boat, 17 to 50 feet long, with an in ground fuel tank.

Tidewater Blue works with a magnetic frequency response technology. By exciting the capacitance, we can send a digital wireless signal back to the helm where it's translated into an ohm reading which the ships gauges can understand and use. It does not matter the shape or material of the tank, or what fuel is in the tank for this to work accurately.

Manufacturing of the product will be 100% made in the USA by working Virginians. Because of this, our costs would be slightly higher than going to China for manufacturing, but the quality will be much higher and this would also reduce the chance of patent infringements. Current senders don't compare with Tidewater Blue because they will not alert the operator to impending engine damage. Spending slightly more on this product now, could save thousands of dollars in engine repairs and possibly lives later.

Once this product is proven in the marine industry, other applications will be addressed in different markets. It will be the future standard in all vessels of the future.


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