CoolerGrill©, Hand-Cranked Grill and Ice Chest

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The Massive Nibble© Zero Pollution Heat Pump© (ZPHP©) makes hot and cold at the same time. We want to use it to make a CoolerGrill©, a grill and ice chest for cooking, chilling beverages and making ice. Major markets for the CoolerGrill© are your back yard and the rest of the world. Anywhere that people need cleaner air to breathe, healthier lungs or would like to be able to cook, refrigerate or freeze their food and make ice, or reduce demand for the propane and charcoal (often made from coal) and help reduce deforestation, by making heat without fire. The CoolerGrill© also condenses water out of filtered air, providing a drinking water free of water-borne parasites and diseases. Tailgate parties, cookouts and picnics can be the carbon-neutral, clean, healthy fun that they should be. We can help prevent accidents and forest fires by making it possible to cook outdoors, on boats, in aircraft, in remote locations or in the home, without fuel or open flame.

Our CoolerGrill© is designed to be hand-cranked, but it also can be driven with an engine, motor, stationary bicycle, treadmill, etc. The cooking surface is on top of one side, a cooler is placed under the other side and a fabric curtain (supplied, not shown in the drawing) is wrapped around the legs, to keep the cooler clean and block the wind, helping guide cold air from the heat pump into the cooler.

Solar-powered Zero Pollution Air Conditioning© (ZPAC©): For those people who live in hot, sunny places, our heat pump could be mounted on a flat roof, over a chimney or vent hole, to act as an air conditioner/grill. Cold air will naturally fall into the house while the hottest air in the house is fed to the hot part of the heat pump, creating a natural draft. The grill stays hot all day, for fast food anytime. By using a solar-powered Zero Pollution Engine™ or small electric motor to drive the ZPHP©, we can use sunlight to keep the house cool on sunny days and burn renewable fuels or use compressed air, pumped water and/or battery backup systems at night or during stormy weather.

Our provisional patent application calls it the Delta Configured Stirling Engine and Heat Pump©, it’s a new configuration, very efficient, easily controlled and made with off-the-shelf parts and pneumatic devices that are available worldwide. It will use air or helium for the "working gas", not toxic and environmentally-damaging CFCs, HCFCs or any other energy-intensive compressed refrigerants. The bearings in our prototype operate from -148°F to 482°F continuously and up to 599°F short-term. The CoolerGrill© will be lightweight, portable, durable and easily serviced or rebuilt, giving many years of dependable service. The same technology can also be used to make water heater/freezer combination appliances and be used by vendors in pedal carts and lunch wagons.

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    Jeremiah Haler
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    Jeremiah Haler, Owner, Team Leader; Michael Howard, Inventor
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    Fishing, enjoying time with the family.
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